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Michael Neiberg
Author and Historian

About Me:


I am the Chair of War Studies at the US Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, where I teach history, strategy, and regional studies. I try to live by the school's motto: Not to Promote War, but to Preserve Peace.


You can find my full cv here:


Please also check out Love Without Boundaries, the charity my wife works for and which we support.


All views expressed herein are my own.




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Current Book:

I am working on a book about American relations with France from 1940-1944. The fall of France came as a great shock. All of the so-called "Color Plans" for the defense of the US began from the assumption that France would be able to hold the Germans back as it had in 1914-1918. When those assumptions became invalid, the US replied with a flurry of action that included massive defense spending, the Destroyers for Bases Act, Lend-Lease, and much more.


The second half of the book deals with America's relations with Vichy France and Charles de Gaulle. Stay tuned for more as I complete the manuscript.

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